Our Junior Members have activities all their own. They meet monthly, generally 30 minutes prior to the Educational Meeting (if there is one) or 30 minutes before the General Meeting. See the EVENTS page for meeting dates and locations.

Junior members are actively involved in the Sebastion Murabito Golf Tournament, where they plan, prep, and serve all the food served at this event. They also participate in supporting the annual Mardi Gras and Trivia Night fundraisers.

Juniors members can compete individually at culinary salons. In addition, Chefs de Cuisine annually sponsors two competitive Junior teams - a Culinary Knowledge Bowl team and a Hot Foods team.

To become involved, contact one of the Junior Board Members:

Junior Chapter President
John Morales
   e-mail: jthk04lyfe@yahoo.com
Junior Chapter Vice-President
Shayne McCrady
   e-mail: mccradyshayne@gmail.com
Junior Chapter Secretary
Robert Babione
   e-mail: rbabione1@my.stlcc.edu

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March 2016 Junior Meeting
President Report

The first Junior meeting of 2016 was held on Monday, February 29th, at the Gatesworth at One McKnight Place.  We discussed upcoming volunteer and learning opportunities, and were joined by two guest speakers.  Executive Chef Anthony Lyons informed everyone about the Mentorship Program and how it can be a very valuable tool for anyone who is serious about succeeding in the culinary field. We also had our very own Junior, Dorsey Lawrence, who talked about his journey as an apprentice and how it helped him master every aspect of the kitchen.

Over all I was extremely happy to see new people, and to get to know fellow junior members. Special thanks to Executive Chef Brian Hardy, ACF Vice President of the Central Region, for allowing us to use his facilities for our meeting.  I also want to welcome our newest member of the Junior Board: Jessica West, Representative from East Central College. I want to personally thank each and every member for making it out to the first Junior meeting and hope to see everyone later this month, along with some new faces.  Our next meeting will be at Bellerive Country Club, on March 21st, at 4:00 pm.

In Attendance:

  • Lauren Ann
  • Robert Babione
  • Roger Jackson
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Jared Dolle
  • Peter Evangelou
  • Ruth Gustaffson
  • Chef Brian Hardy
  • Dorsey Lawrence
  • Chef Anthony Lyons
  • Lee Marie Mathis
  • Shayne McCrady
  • Debbie Robinson
  • Jessie West


Stay Hungry,
         John Morales
         St. Louis Chefs de Cuisine Junior President


Bowl Team

Joe Stein
Abby Clifford
Sarah Bailey
James Gericke
Tom Shuman

   Joe Gardner
   Heather Roehl

To download the official Knowledge Bowl Rule Book, click here.

Hot Food Team

Ruth Gustafson
Scott Oglesby
Jim Storm
Dorsey Lawrence
Amber Ernst
Derrick Kaliszewski

   Tony Haacke
   Paul Kampff

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Baron H Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl

K owledge Bowl logoFor over 20 years, the Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl has helped students sharpen their culinary knowledge and has given them to confidence and discipline needed to succeed. Teams of 4 members, with 1 alternate, are sponsored by ACF chapters around the country and compete against one another in preliminary rounds at the regional ACF conferences. The winners of the regional competitions advance to compete for the championship at the annual ACF National Convention.

While most teams consist of students all from within an individual culinary school, the Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis sponsors one of the few teams that are chapter-wide rather than from an individual school.

The St. Louis teams have won the national championship 3 times (out of the 20+ competitions held), in 2009, 2008, and 2006.  Listed here are the members and coaches of the 3 national championship teams sponsored by Chefs de Cuisine Association of St. Louis.

2009 National Champs 2008 National Champs 2006 National Champs
Jeremy Brown
Meredith Frank
Erin Hoffmann
Amanda Losh
Richard Mueller

  Vicki Davenport
  Joseph Mueller
Mary Boehne
Charles Conners
Brian Horton
Reagan Irwin

  Vicki Davenport
   Joseph Mueller
John Dahlem
Richard Braznell
Joel Cormam
Kendall U??

  Susie Judy
  Vicki Davenport
  Joe Mueller


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Performance Foodservice

Student Culinary Challenge

Since 2006, PERFORMANCE Foodservice Middendorf has proudly sponsored a culinary competition among all the culinary programs in the St. Louis area. Each school puts together a 5-person team to compete for scholarship money for their school.

While the total scholarship amounts may vary by year, the school which wins the competition receives a generous scholarship from PFG. The second and third place schools and all remaining participating schools receive declining amounts in scholarship funds.

The competition, judged by 2 or more ACF-certified judges, consists of two phases:

  • An 80 minute relay-style skills competition.
  • A 90 minute hot-food cooking competition featuring a fish starter, salad, Escoffier's Poulet Saute a la Catalane entree, and a dessert.

The competition is held annually in the spring in conjunction with the Chefs de Cuisine Spring Salon and Certification.

Year Winner / Team Members
2006 Southwest Illinois College
Dori Lattina, Shayne Taylor, Jeremy Kosydor, Kelsey Meyer
2007 Southwest Illinois College
Natasha Chairs, Amber Merriman, Jason Clark, Michae Taylor
2008 L'École Culinaire
Elizabeth Schuster, William Dileo, Benjamin Belding, Marcus Daily
2009 St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
Chuck Hess, Marie Wittenauer, Kendra Couch, Meredith Frank, Paul Holthaus
2010 St. Louis Community College at Forest Park
T. Lisa Muhammed, Andrew Missey, Margaret Grant, Dayton Bill, Joe Morgan
2011 Culinary Institute of St. Louis at Hickey College
Linda Gumprecht, Amanda Hutchison, Joseph Mason, Emily Novotny, Karen Rivas


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