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Education Foundation Scholarships


Applications Being Accepted for
  Culinary Student Scholarships

The Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation offers scholarships to students enrolled full-time in accredited culinary programs. The deadline for application for scholarships is:

June 30, 2015              for the Fall 2015 term
November 1, 2015      for the Spring 2016 term

To apply for a scholarship, you must send a letter requesting the Scholarship Application Form to:

St. Louis Chefs de Cuisine Educational Foundation
PO Box 510301
St. Louis, MO 63151

Once you receive the form, fill it out and return it to the Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation at the above address by the entry deadline.

Applications Being Accepted for
Sebastian Murabito Scholarship

Letters of request are now being accepted from active Professional members  for continuing education travel grants.

The Sebastian Murabito Scholarship was created in 2009 to help fund continuing education opportunities for our Professional members. The Chefs de Cuisine annual golf tournament, formerly called "Bon Appe-tee Tournament", was renamed last year to the "Sebastian Murabito Memorial Golf Tournament" and funds raised from the tournament fund this scholarship.

This is a great opportunity for an active Professional member to take a specialty course and expand their culinary knowledge.

Letters of application should include information about tuition to the institution, travel and lodging. Remuneration will be after the education is complete or sent directly to the institution of the person’s choice.

Requests should be sent to:

Sebastian Murabito Scholarship
St. Louis Chef de Cuisine Education Foundation
PO Box 510301
St. Louis, Mo. 63151 

Murabito Scholarships are awarded annually at the Sebastian Murabito Memorial Golf Tournament, held on the first Monday of June each year.

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Apprenticeship Program


Apprenticeship is one of the oldest and most successful forms of training. The Chef de Cuisine Association of Saint Louis, Inc offers a highly-respected three-year apprenticeship program that provides on-the-job training combined with technical classroom instruction. The program allows individuals the ability to work fulltime under a certified supervising chef while enrolled in an accredited culinary program simultaneously.

Apprentices complete designated hours for both on-the-job training and culinary classes each year of the program. As an apprentice, individuals will be required to work full-time and complete a minimum of twelve courses in culinary related subjects to include, but not limited to, sanitation and food safety, introduction to cooking and the hospitality industry, introduction to baking and pastry, culinary math and accounting, and advanced cooking techniques. If accepted into the apprenticeship program, students will also be required to join the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the Chef de Cuisine Association of Saint Louis, Inc. (the local chapter of the ACF and the sponsor of the program).

The U.S. Department of Labor has recognized and supported this exceptional program, sponsored by the Chef de Cuisine Association of Saint Louis, Inc. since 1976. With employment opportunities for cooks and chefs steadily increasing, the Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that employment in the food service industry will increase faster than the average of all other occupations.

Upon completion of course studies, required number of hours working in an approved training house, log book and practical testing, a graduating apprentice will have reached the level of Certified Culinarian and will also receive a Certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor declaring the completion of the apprenticeship program as a tradesman or journeyman in the culinary field.

Program Objectives

  • To educate and train students to become skilled culinarians by teaching classic cooking techniques, respect for food, and the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation
  • To develop a personal sense of pride and professionalism necessary for success in the hospitality industry
  • To achieve a knowledge of the history, evolution, and international diversity of the culinary arts
  • To develop basic principles of nutrition, dietetic, and food and beverage composition
  • To gain proficient understanding in the use and maintenance of food service equipment
  • To become acquainted with professional kitchens and bake shops organization, and effectively practice basic and advanced skills in food preparation

  • To develop a professional work ethic through a commitment to the apprenticeship program
  • To develop a personal and disciplined philosophical base that builds ideals for a successful culinary career
  • To understand the requirements for proper food handling, sanitation, and hygiene
  • To gain an understanding of management and supervisory knowledge in preparation for a progressive career in the culinary industry
  • To prepare culinarians for ACF professional Certified Culinarian (CC) certification testing

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals 17 and older who are a high school graduate or equivalent, living in the Saint Louis area, who have a minimum of one year experience working in full service, restaurants, hotels, casinos or country club, and want to learn more and excel above industry standards. Students should also be enrolled or in the processes of enrollment of a two year associate degree program at an accredited college in the culinary and hospitality management field.

Open enrollment for the apprenticeship program generally occurs in the spring and fall; however, this will depend on job availability, since several of the approved training houses hire based on seasonality.

Upon acceptance by the Apprenticeship Committee, and an agreement from the chef at the approved training house that he or she will hire you on as a registered apprentice, you will then need to start the registration process. The registration process includes: transcripts or other documentation stating that you are enrolled in a culinary management program, filled-out appropriate forms, payment of registration and study material fees, and joining the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the Chef de Cuisine Association of Saint Louis, Inc. chapter as a student culinarian.

Registration Fee Schedule

Registration Fees for the Apprenticeship program total $225. An accepted Apprentice is responsible for paying all registration fees. In some cases, a portion or all of theses fees may be paid by the approved training house.

The total registration fee is comprised of a one time fee of $145, which includes registration, a log book (to keep your recipes, pictures and proof of completion of task assignments) and a text book set.

It is also comprised of an annual fee of $80, which covers the membership dues for the American Culinary Federation as well as our local Chefs de Cuisine chapter.

For any questions about our program, please contact our
Apprenticeship Coordinator, Jason Milner,
by calling him at 314-994-0014 or sending him an email at:

The following are Approved Training Houses:

Bellerive Country Club                               314-275-9420
Chef Kevin Storm C.E.C

The Gatesworth                                         314-993- 0111
Chef Brian Hardy C.E.C., C.C.A.

Old Warson Country Club                        314-434-4400
Chef Dan Holtgrave

Meadowbrook Country Club                    636-227-5361
Chef Mike Bush

St. Louis Country Club                             314-994-0011
Chef Paul Kampff

Racquet Club East                                     314-361-2100
Chef Tony Haacke

Sunset Country Club                                  314-843-1100
Chef Rod Laurentius

Missouri Athletic Club - Downtown          314-231-7220
Chef Barton Phillips                                 


School Contacts for Apprenticeship Program:

Saint Louis Community College               314-644-9276
(Forest Park Campus)         
Chef Michael Downey CCA, CCC, CCE, FMP

East Central College                                 636-583- 5195 ext. 2401
Chef Ted Hirschi

L’ Ecole Culinaire                                     314-587-2433
John Womick

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ServSafe classes, offered through Enjoy a Local, are now held numerous times each month in the St. Louis area, including St. Charles and across the river into Illinois.

The cost of a ServSafe class is $115. The class is FREE to all members of Chefs de Cuisine who are members in good standing.

To register, go to, then click on the link "Click here to register...". Near the top of the screen, click on the button Promotion Code. Use the code: ACFSTL (not case sensitive) to register.

TIPS and ServSafe Alcohol Training are offered upon request.

For additional information, contact


Enjoy a Local Restaurant in your neighborhood. Find one at

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